James D. Livingston

Electronic Properties of Engineering Materials

Livingston makes the complex concepts behind the electronic properties of materials much more accessible for students. His very readable writing style and clear organization help to make the key topics much easier to understand. The first part of this text presents only “classical” ideas, covering the electronic properties of solids that are pertinent to the use of materials as components in various products. The second part introduces quantum mechanics and applies quantum chemistry and physics to the basic properties of metals, insulators, and semiconductors. This approach allows the student to become familiar with some of the mathematics necessary for quantum mechanics before being exposed to the more challenging fundamental concepts.

Special features of the text:

Quantum chemistry and quantum physics are presented in a balanced approach.

A strong focus is placed on the optical properties of solids. Students will be especially interested in the coverage of color, which answers everyday questions from why the sky is blue to why the grass is green.

Actual engineering applications are used frequently to show students the importance of the development of math and physics.

A series of songs and poems written to accompany the text is posted on http:/​/​www.haverford.edu/​physics-astro/​songs/​livingston/​livingston.htm.

"This is a mature work by one who knows what he is aiming for, and it can be recommended to all who have set out on the journey ... it deserves wide success."
- Brian Pippard, emeritus professor of physics, University of Cambridge

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